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Burnside has redeveloped our patrolling software on a new web based platform called Burnside Mobile. Burnside Mobile will allow our clients access to our applications through a wider range of mobile devices. Burnside Mobile is a HTML 5 web application, built using Latitude Geographic’s Geocortex Essentials and runs on Apple iPad and Windows desktops, laptops and tablets.

Developing Burnside Mobile on the Geocortex Essentials platform has allowed Burnside to migrate the functionality of Route Patrol Manager to the web. We’ve also added additional functionality that takes full advantage of the internet and live data collection capability including internal device hardware such as a camera and GPS.

Powerful and Affordable Software
Burnside Mobile provides unlimited licensing, so your patrollers, repair crews, supervisors and administrators can all have access to powerful data collection and reporting tools. Burnside Mobile is an affordable solution for small and large municipalities alike.

Data Collection
Data collection with Burnside Mobile is easy. GPS data collected during patrols allows for the application to identify which roads have been patrolled. Quickly identify the location and nature of deficiencies with a few taps on your GPS enabled iOS or Windows device.

Work Orders
Assign work that can be received directly by field staff on their smart device, or create a traditional paper work order.

Time-saving reports show when roads need to be patrolled based on their designated patrol frequency and date of last patrol (this can be displayed any time while on patrol). You can generate detailed reports for any road section showing patrol and maintenance information.

A new Cityworks link is in development. Burnside has experience integrating with other work management systems (Cartegraph, WorkTech, Weave) and integration with these products is planned for future versions of Burnside Mobile.

Dedicated Support
Our support staff is always there when you need us.

Training is Easy
Software is designed for field staff with a basic understanding of smart devices/computers.

Sidewalk/Trail Inspection and Winter Patrolling
Burnside Mobile also offers specialized applications for sidewalk inspection and winter road patrolling.

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