Road Patrol

Burnside Mobile’s Road Patrol is focused on collecting information about deficiencies found on your roads. Examples of deficiency types include potholes, shoulder drop-off, vegetation control, Debris, Bridge Deck Spalls, and Street Sign Hardware failure.


Screen cap of program

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Data collection is made easy utilizing:

  • Integrated GPS system to track and record the vehicle’s location
  • Use of touchscreen technology to documents the geographic location of a deficiency.
  • Record details regarding the specific nature of the deficiency
  • Take photographs
  • Schedule when a deficiency should be serviced
  • Make a record of when deficiencies have been addressed
  • Map-based and tabular reports help to demonstrate compliance with Ontario Regulation 239/02, or your municipality’s level of service

How it helps

With an iPad or Windows device mounted in the patrolling vehicle, staff selects a deficiency type and indicates whether it should be recorded as a standard or regulation repair. Staff may also enter optional details related to nature of the deficiency or record photograph.

Road Maintenance may be used in conjunction with Fleet Tracker’s GPS data, which shows locations of plowing and sanding/salting, to further demonstrate compliance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards.






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