Sidewalk/Trail Patrol

Burnside Mobile’s Sidewalk/Trail Patrol module is intended to help identify and resolve problems associated with an asset that is often a significant liability to municipalities. Sidewalk and Trail Manager allows you to proactively document awareness of problems, and demonstrate that you have taken appropriate action to correct them in a timely fashion.


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Use Sidewalk/Trail Patrol for all sidewalks, paths and trails to:

  • Track the date each sidewalk/trail section is inspected
  • Identify maintenance issues from trip ledges and cracking to drainage and signs
  • Sidewalk and Trail deficiencies are easily collected, either on foot, bike, golf cart, or any ATV or maintenance vehicle
  • Send work order information directly to your repair crews’ smart device or create hard copies with thumbnail maps and/or photos so your repair crews know the exact location and nature of the deficiency

How it helps

With an iPad or Windows device mounted in the patrolling vehicle, staff selects a deficiency type and indicates whether it should be recorded as a standard or regulation repair. Staff may also enter optional details related to the nature of the deficiency or record a photograph.

Sidewalk Maintenance may be used in conjunction with Fleet Tracker’s GPS data, which shows locations of plowing and sanding/ salting, to further demonstrate compliance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards.




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