7. Sidewalk Patrolling


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:


Launching Burnside Mobile

Launch Burnside Mobile by double-clicking / tapping the relevant shortcut on your mobile device.

Enter your User name and Password into the Authentication form.




Starting a Sidewalk Patrol

Select the I Want to… button to view the menu options.




Select Yes to this message and enter weather details.



Enter the weather details and select Save weather.




The program will zoom to your GPS location and points will be added to the map as you move along the sidewalk.



Adding a Deficiency

To add a sidewalk deficiency, select Add a Maintenance item from the Patrol menu on the left sidebar.



The Maintenance Item view will open with two categories to choose from.

Select Sidewalk…
The Maintenance Item view will open with a list of sidewalk related deficiencies.




Select a deficiency from the list (for example, Trip ledge).



Note the options available under the various tabs once a deficiency is identified.

Note that information on sidewalk standards for this deficiency are displayed at the top of the Save tab.



Scheduling a Repair

Selecting the Schedule tab at the top of the view will allow you to schedule the repair and assign it to a user.

Quick pick notes are available and related to the deficiency type selected.




Recording and Saving An Action

The Action tab allows you to record any action taken by the patroller and mark the action as completed.

Select one of the Save options at the bottom of the view. Note that the Save as Regulation repair option will only be available for items identified in the MMS.


Journaling Your Notes

At any time during a patrol the user can select Journal from the patrol menu to add a note (in our original RPM notes had to be related to deficiency points).




The user will have several incident types to choose from.

Select one and the Quick pick note dropdown list will be populated with entries related to the prior selection.



Ending Your Patrol

At the end of your patrol select Stop patrolling.



If you have internet connectivity you will see the following message.


Please see the help document on Finalizing Patrol Data.

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