9. Burnside Requests


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:

Contacting Burnside Support

Support for Burnside Mobile is available via the Burnside Requests web application or by telephone, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. EST through 4:30 p.m. EST. Requests will be initiated by the identified Customer support administrator.

Ideally the Customer support administrator will have a good understanding of Burnside Mobile and will be available to Customer staff to discuss any issue before escalating it to a Burnside Requests support ticket.

Issues such as the inability to login, missing map layers, or problems saving data are likely to be server related and best addressed by Customer IT server support staff. Issues such as improper sorting in a report, a reoccurring patrol review problem, functionality improvement or suggestions, or issues that cannot be resolved by the Customer administrator should be addressed by the Burnside support team.

Creating a ticket is the preferred way to log a non-critical issue; it is fast, easy, and will put the issue into a queue that is monitored by Burnside support staff. The Customer support administrator is encouraged to call Burnside support for critical issues that cannot be resolved locally.


Launching Burnside Requests

Launch Burnside Requests by navigating to http://requests.burnsidemobile.com/.



Enter your Email and Password into the Authentication form, then click Login.

From the Home page, you will be able to:

  • Add New Requests,
  • View your Existing Requests, and
  • Search for Requests.



Add A New Request


Click New Request on the Home Toolbar, the Create New Request Form will open.




On the New Request Form for your request enter:

  1. A Subject a brief summary of your request (like the subject of an email).
  2. A Description of the Request you are making. Be as descriptive as possible. If you are describing a software issue try to indicate the steps you took before the issue appeared.
  3. A Location This Location Should default to the Address Specified in your profile, no modification is required, but you can indicate an address of the location.
  4. Your Name, email and contact phone number, these will be added by default from your user profile.
  5. Click Create when you have finished entering the information. After you click create, the request will be saved to the system and you will be notified by email that your request has been submitted. At the same time, Burnside staff will be notified of your request, and it will be prioritized in the support queue.





Once the Request is submitted, you will see the All My Requests Page. The requests in this page are sorted by Id so the most recently entered request will be at the top. To open your request, click on either the id number, or the subject text for the request.

Click on the Id of the Request or the Subject to open it.




To Add a note to the Request, scroll down to the Notes section. Type a new note in the notes textbox and click Add note. This will attach the note to the request for all those that can see the ticket to view.





You can add attachments to the request by clicking on the Add Attachment Button in the Attachments Section.



You can upload a file or add a hyperlink to the ticket to add additional information to the request ticket.



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