2. Reviewing a Road Patrol


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:

Reviewing Your Patrol

In order to Review your patrol (download your patrol data) you must be connected to your data server. Before proceeding, please ensure that you are connected. Contact your IT staff for assistance.

Stop Your Patrol

After selecting I want to… Stop patrolling you will see the following message:


Select Yes to the message and information related to your outstanding patrols will be loaded into the left view panel. If there is more than one, they will be listed from newest to oldest.


Select Skip to discard an unwanted patrol.

Select Review to display which road sections are slated to receive a patrol record.

Using the Navigation Tools

Use the navigation tools above the map to zoom in / zoom out / pan as required.


Selecting the Patrol Record Areas

Select Toggle GPS point visibility – the sections highlighted in fuchsia are slated to receive a patrol record.


Select Add/remove selected roads to either add sections that should be highlighted, or remove those that should not.

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