3. Creating Work Orders


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:

Creating Work Orders

It is recommended that a minimum 21” monitor be used for working with the Maintenance Table. This will allow you to see most of the text in the columns displayed.

Click/tap I want to… Open the maintenance list


The maintenance list will open with the headings as shown below.


Customizing the Table View

You can sort by any of the columns by selecting the green column heading. A small triangle pointing up or down indicates the column that the table is sorted by and whether it is ascending (up arrow) or descending (down arrow).



Under options found on the top right corner of the table, the Show/Hide Columns option allows you to customize your table and select the columns you would like to view by selecting the check box beside the column name.


Menu – Home

The top of the Assign tab on the menu shows the next available Work order number.


Highlight the rows in the maintenance list for those deficiencies you would like to create a work order.


Select a name from both the Assign to and Submit to dropdown lists.

Select Assign work to send the work order to the assignee digitally. The assignee will be notified of the work assignment the next time he/she signs in to Burnside Mobile.


Note that the text colour of the items sent to work order changes to blue and the next available work order number is displayed.


Also note that the Opened By, Assigned To, Status, and Work Order columns are populated (use Toggle View button at bottom of form to show these columns).

Select Print work order to generate a work order that can be saved and/or printed.



Menu – Filter

From the Filter tab on the menu, use the filters to populate the maintenance table with a subset of open deficiencies. Select an item from a dropdown list and the maintenance table will be repopulated with deficiencies related to a specific Work Order, Status, Patrol Date, Patroller, Category, Type or Severity. The image below shows deficiencies in the Sign category.


Menu – Reports

To create a report for a work order select Work order on the Reports tab.


The dropdown list will be populated with all active work orders. Select an entry from the list and Select OK to reproduce a printable work order.

To export the current view of the maintenance table,select Export to csv.


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