4. Claiming and Closing Work Orders


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:

Getting Started

Upon signing in to Burnside Mobile you may see the following message indicating that work has been assigned to you.


If you select yes, any deficiencies assigned to you will be identified by markers on your map, and information related to each of those points will be listed in the left sidebar.


Deficiencies that have been added by the patroller as a Regulation repair will have a Repair by date identified.


Claiming a Work Order


You have the option to accept these assignments individually by selecting Claim at the bottom of each entry in the Work assigned to me view, or you can select the Claim all button at the bottom of the view.

Note that the Claimed on field will be updated accordingly.




Once these items have been claimed, you will notice that the Status and Claimed columns will have been updated in the Maintenance List. This will allow the administrator/supervisor to keep track of the stage of the outstanding maintenance (this option will not be available when using printed work orders).



Select a deficiency in the view to highlight and centre the deficiency on the map.




View Details


Select Details associated with any entry to see additional information related to a deficiency (e.g. Images, Notes, Work order #, Submit to).


Select Done at the bottom of the Details form to return to the map.


Closing a Maintenance Item


Deficiencies can be closed individually by selecting Close at the bottom of any entry in the view, or all at once by selecting Close all at the bottom of the view.


Closing any of the deficiencies will remove the entry from the view, and the map view will zoom to the remaining assigned deficiencies.


View Options


At any time you can see your assigned work by selecting See work assigned to me from the I want to… menu.


If no work has been assigned to you since you last accepted work, you will see the message – No results to display




Any work that has been assigned to you, both claimed and unclaimed, will be displayed in the left sidebar. The same options that have been described above are available here to review and manage the maintenance item.

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