5. Maintenance and Patrol Information


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:

Selecting Tools

Select the Tools icon in the upper right corner of your map to show the map navigation and information icons.



Ensure the Map tab on the toolbar is selected to view the tools that are shown below.



Selecting Maintenance Items

Select the Maintenance by section icon and then select a road section on the map to see any maintenance items on the selected section.



The selected road section will be highlighted on the map and any maintenance items found on that road section will be shown on the left sidebar and identified on the map with a red pin marker.


Viewing Maintenance Detail

Select the Maintenance rectangle icon and draw a rectangle on the map to see all maintenance items within that shape.



Your map will zoom to the extent of the deficiencies within the shape, show the details of any open maintenance points on the left sidebar and identify the deficiencies with a red pin marker.




Selecting Patrol Information

Select the Patrol by Section icon and then select a road section on the map to see patrol information related to a selected feature.



Your map will highlight the selected road section and show the date and time of any patrols on the left sidebar.


Viewing a Detailed Report

Select the Section detail report at the bottom of the view to generate a printable report of all patrol information for the selected section. Select Done to return to the Home view.



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