6. Reporting


Within this quick guide, you will learn how to:

Run a Report

From the I want to… menu, select Run a report.



There are three report tabs to choose from: Patrol, Maintenance and Other.


Any report that adds graphics to the map can be cleared by selecting Clear map report.


Selecting Which Roads to Patrol

Select Roads to Patrol to see when each road section needs to be patrolled according to its road class and the Minimum Maintenance Standard. Roads sections will be highlighted according to the colours shown in the legend.



After selecting Roads to Patrol, select a timeframe from the dropdown list that you would like the report to be generated for, and select Ok.




The roads due to be patrolled for the selected time frame will be displayed on the map.


The Roads patrolled summary will highlight road sections that have been patrolled within a specified date range. This report is available in text and graphic. An example of this report is shown below.



Road patrol detail will generate a report of patrol information for a single road section. The program will ask you to identify a road section by selecting the map. The information provided will include maintenance point, weather points and journal entries added by the patroller while on the selected road section.



Viewing Maintenance Tab Options

The Maintenance tab provides a number of options for a supervisor to effectively manage outstanding work.


Selecting any report from the Maintenance tab will list the results of the report in the left sidebar and identify the corresponding points on the map with red pin markers.

For example, select See my claimed work to view maintenance items that you have claimed.



The following report titles are variations of the first:

  • See my unclaimed work,
  • See unclaimed work for, and
  • See all unclaimed work.


Viewing Other Tab Options

The Other tab contains options to summarize data for a selected date range in table or map form.




Displaying a Report in Map Form

When generating certain reports, you may see the option shown below, Map only. Selecting this checkbox will display the report in map form, highlighting the roads on the map that are included in your report.




The map report below shows highlighted road sections that were reported as plowed during the month of December, 2015.



Reviewing Date Range Reports

Select Roads patrolled summary to highlight road sections that have been patrolled within a specified date range. This report is available in text and graphic.




After selecting Roads patrolled summary, select the date range you would like to view the summary for using the calendar tool.




Select Ok and the report will be generated and opened in a new tab.



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